La Bella Delezza by Natalia Soetjipto

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016

Featuring batik tulis from the island of Madura. Tanjung Bumi showcase the beauty of Indonesia heritage of batik. 

Blessed to have the opportunity to work with one of the most beautiful people on the planet!! Thanks to the MNC media and RCTI as well as Mrs Liliana for given me the opportunity to showcase some of my best work in the stage for the Miss World 2013 Top Model contestant with Byzantine Theme. 

2nd October 2013, Arcobaleno Boutique by Natalia Soetjipto back at Jayanata Beauty Plaza Surabaya for the Batik Fashion Show. 

Check out the gallery below. 

Miss World 2013 Surabaya Designers were featured on Jawapos Metropolis 9th October 2013 Edition!!! Thanks to the Jawapos team for featuring Arcobaleno Boutique by Natalia Soetjipto at the front page of Metropolis =)